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Yellowism is such a funny thing. Smart and kind of ironic, too, but also it’s neither. Just yellow

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►► Earthquake
by Marcin Lodyga

You don’t have to cut yourself to shock the audience, you don’t need to support your message with blood. If you are a yellowist, you don’t kill humans or animals to cause controversy, you don’t exhibit vaginas, tits and cocks to break a taboo (if there is any taboo), you don’t laugh at holocaust, you don’t put swastika into your ass, you don’t pee on crucifix to shake the public, you don’t protest naked on the street when is minus twenty degrees Celsius. You don’t look for anything that society would consider “unmoral” or provocative. You just say that in the context of yellowism all and everything express yellow color only. This is how you challenge the people around the world. Say: “yellowism is a space where everything means yellow”, say it loud and you will cause the earthquake. 

text by Marcin Lodyga
20.11.2013, Poznan, Poland

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"The art world was quick to brand Umanets a vandal, and to deny him the artistic status he claimed for himself. But, Lerner asks, on what grounds is this distinction made?"

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